Library StylePak 8

Library StylePak 8 brings a rounded, portrait-type look to the individual game cover images, and reduces the font-size of the titles. Best suited for games whose cover images are more of a “square” size, such as Original PS1 and Game Boy titles.

View a Demo of Library StylePak 8 Here!
Installation & Usage Instructions

  • Purchase & Download Library StylePak 8
  • Upload the Zipped file by clicking on the ‘Upload a New Library StylePak’ button on the ‘Library StylePaks’ tab found on the WPGameList ‘Display Options’ submenu page.
  • Choose your new StylePak from the ‘Select a Library StylePak’ drop-down box.
  • Choose a library to apply your new StylePak to from the ‘Select a Library to Apply This StylePak to’ drop-down box
  • Click the ‘Apply Library StylePak’ button, and you’re done!

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